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Click on an object for a description. (You don't need to learn them all at once!)


There are a lot of new/changed things in Repton Overture but you don't have to memorise them all when you first start. They are introduced slowly in the main mapset and often explained in-game. Some aren't even in the main mapset. The skulls and their new relationship with spirits is the main thing that you need to know - skulls behave like rocks and can trap spirits but release them when you drop something on to the skull. Red and blue spirits don't kill you if you're standing still when they pass through you.


Here are the controls for the game and editor.


WASD or Cursor Keys or Repton Keys Move Repton
M Show a scrollable simple map of where you've been
Enter Status screen
Left Control Rewind time if current game allows it (games can have a life-count or time rewinding. The main mapset has the latter) You can rewind up to 1000 moves and if that is not enough then you will have to restart the level.
R Restart level (costs a life if applicable)
F Fast-forward time
+ and - (Numeric Keypad) Change music volume
Escape Return to menu (progress is saved)


WASD or Cursor Keys or Repton Keys Scroll edit area
Left Shift Faster walking during playtesting
K Get all door keys and tools while playtesting
Tab Toggle devmode while playtesting (makes you immortal, able to pass through anything and able to rewind time even in a lives-based game)
Left Mouse Button Place selected tile on map
Right Mouse Button Clear tile on map, or show tile category list of mouse over console
Middle Mouse Button Cycle through the three console menus, game settings, map settings, and tile palette
Mouse Wheel Scroll through tiles palette
Q Switch between map-view and full-view
E Playtest map (press again to return to editing)
U Undo last edit
INSERT Add a new map to the set
DELETE Delete the selected map from the set
M See a map list which you can click on to jump to any map
< and > Cycle through maps
1-0 Jump to a map
B Set border tile to one under mouse cursor (in tile palette)
L Set water level to cursor position
G Select the tile under the mouse cursor (edit window)
C Cycle map's current colour
F Fill an area of the map with selected tile
R Replace all instances on map of tile under mouse cursor with selected tile
O Toggle full-gravity mode for map, where more things fall like rocks
Control & Cursor Keys Change map size
Alt & Cursor Keys Shift map contents
Escape Return to menu (editor session is saved except undo history)


F12 Save a screengrab to game folder
Alt & Enter Toggle between fullscreen and windowed


Repton Overture is for Windows. There is no installation process. Just unpack the rar file and play. Running it from the desktop may prevent you from saving progress, games, maps, and settings, depending how your Windows handles it's weird read-only business.

The game is updated regularly and bugs may occur. Please let me know if you find any.

There is a readme.txt included in the download with some more information.

Repton Overture was made in BlitzMax using a retro graphics library that I made for such projects and released as a module for BlitzMax coders.


The music tracks included with the download are arranged by me. They are my original compositions with the exceptions of:

The Black and White Rag was originally written by George Botsford.
The Chrysanthemum was originally written by Scott Joplin.
The Repton 3 theme was originally written by Paul Hughes and Peter Clarke.
The Repton Infinity theme, which I named "The Infinite Rag", was originally written by David Acton.

In the custom music folder as examples are my arrangements of:

The Entertainer by Scott Joplin
Rondo Alla Turca my Mozart
Broadway Boogie which was a BBC Micro song and I don't know who composed it
The Happy Days Theme (for some reason) written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox.

Also worth mentioning:

Fudge Man is based on a Tim & Eric sketch.
Go Into the Light is an instrumental version of a remix I made for David Liebe Hart's compilation album avaiable on his Soundcloud. The song (with him singing) is on my YouTube channel.


Thanks to Repton Godfather, Dave "Kecske Bak" Jeffery, who continues to provide valuable play-testing and has contributed some wall sets. He is also working on a mapset that will be included in the download when it's ready.

Thanks to Robert, Eddie and Emily for valuable play-testing and putting up with release-version bugs... and for being the first ones to ever beat the game.

Repton was first conceived by Tim Tyler.

Superior Interactive, owners of the Repton IP have absolutely no affiliation with this project.

(C) Streaks 2018