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Over the years I've developed many toolkits for myself. I thought it was about time I converted some of my includey .bmx files to proper modules and make them available especially since the BlitzBasic site has been bafflingly discontinued. Please let me know if you use anything, have suggestions to improve something, or find a bug. streaks at streaks dot xyz.


Here is the full Streaks.mod folder in one rar file. Everything is pre-built and documented.



Here is a bunch of fonts that the xfont module can load and display: XFONTS

Here are the fonts that the obsoleet module can load and display: OBSOLEET FONTS

Here is the image file for ShadowBox(): GENERIC SHADOW GRID

Here are 141 palette files for Obsoleet: OBSOLEET PALETTES

The palettes include colour-sets such as Commodore 64 and other retro systems, EGA and other DOS-era screen modes, and lots of concept stuff including a selection of palettes from systems that I just made up for Obsoleet. You don't need palette files to use the Obsoleet module but they might be handy.

Here's an example of how to use the obsoleet module: OBSOLEET EXAMPLE

Here is segimage.mod in use. The terrain in this tanks game is a segimage which allows very fast edits, which is how the bombs destroy sections of terrain without the entire terrain bitmap having to be locked and unlocked every time a small part of it is edited. The video also demonstrates a few other modules such as xfonts and timescale.

This project, a remake of an old DOS game, uses the obsoleet module. The obsoleet3D module is used for the maze section of the game because it operates like a 3D dungeon crawler.