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In 1987 an atmospheric puzzle game came out on the BBC Micro, the computer I had as young'un. It's imagery and map names were mysterious and it's dorian-mode music was haunting. I didn't get very far on it because it seemed to be a fierce test of genius. It was by a company called Astral Software which adds to it's vibe of weird mysticism. There was even an "Order of XOR" that you could join if you solved the game and worked out the final password. Fucking mental.


I suddenly decided to remake it with HD graphics one day. You can switch between new and classic graphics, change movement style, and rewind time so the puzzles are not quite as brutal. You can even play back your movements for each map to see how you solved them. Here it is.


Download at own risk. I accept no responsibility for any ill effect this game may somehow cause. Astral Software has no affiliation with this project.