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Released in 1990 by Horror Soft when I was 10, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark was an atmospheric adventure/RPG full of gore and bleak occult imagery. You could fight, collect ingredients, mix and cast spells, collect maggots from dead bodies, as well as explore and solve problems. It was one of my favourite PC games for years. I had no idea that Elvira was an established brand with her own productions outside of this game. Twenty-eight years later a few people still remember playing this game. Odd side-note; it turns out I live quite close to where the game is set.


A few years ago I made a game engine that emulates old screen resolutions and colour palettes for projects like this. I've added little bits to this project for a couple of years and I have got quite a lot done. The only area that is not yet made is the castle moat and I'm planning on omitting most of that area anyway as it is largely surplus. Other than that, the only things left to implement is opening/closing doors, room enemies and fighting.

I have fixed some mistakes and filled in a few blanks and changed many of the screens to be more consistant and/or intuitive. The UI has changed in that the list of verbs on the right have been replaced with context-verbs that only appear when you have a certain item. "Shoot" appears when carrying the crossbow, for example. Spells are one-click affairs instead of carried scrolls. There is no "room" button and dropped items are seen in the main window. Basically, a lot has been updated. For a more comprehensive list of changes you can see the development blog below or read the document included in the rar file - or just watch the video which is only slightly out-dated.


For anyone interested, here is an illustrated development "blog".


Q: Nobody cares about this.
A: I know that deep down.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Nostalgia, boredom, and because I can.

Q: Do you have permission to distribute this?
A: Shut up.

Q: I hate you and everything you stand for.
A: These aren't questions.


Download at own risk. I accept no responsibility for any ill effect this game may somehow cause. Horror Soft has no affiliation with this project.